Sapici S.p.a, coordinator of this proposal, will provide to BIOCOMPLACK the adhesive of polyurethane with the cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) dispersed on it.

Established in Italy in 1936, Sapici is a global innovation and full-quality driven developer and manufacturer of advanced and high-performance polyurethane products for such applications as Coating, Flexible Packaging, Industrial Adhesives, Prepolymers, and Inks.

Sapici combines its complete product offering with direct and tailored services to its customers worldwide, including continued technical assistance, research and development, and industrialization.


NaturePlast is a SMEs enterprise specialized in accompanying plastic converters or outsourcers who want to develop and integrate products or packaging into bioplastics.

NaturePlast directly manages the supply of raw materials and additives from various suppliers around the world. We certainly now have the broadest portfolio in Europe. The materials that we sell have all been tested by our technical centre (Biopolynov) and have been approved on industrial equipment. We guarantee competitive prices by gross purchasing as a distributor, and guarantee a constant stock of the main references. Our suppliers have been chosen by several criteria: quality, price, production volumes, availability and certificates of biodegradation and food contact. We will provide the PLA polymer (raw material) to Tecnopackaging for the BIOCOMPLACK project.


Located in Zaragoza, Tecnopackaging´s main purpose is conducting R+D+i on advanced polymeric materials and their transformation processes for packaging and industrial plastic applications, targeting companies which operate directly or indirectly in the agri-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Tecnopackaging integrates the capabilities and skills of various researchers and has the necessary technical equipment for providing customers a comprehensive design of new products, from concept to prototype, validation and development of the first series.

In addition, Tecnopackaging develops all its activities keeping in mind an eco-innovative perspective, analysing in each case the different alternatives that would reduce the environmental impact of both their products and/or their processes.

The company role in the project will be to supply the PLA film to BIOCOMPLACK project.


The Food Packaging Laboratory (Packlab) of the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS) of the University of Milan has been established since 1985 and it is a laboratory exclusively devoted to packaging research. In these almost 25 years several collaborations have been established with companies in the food as well as in the packaging sector and many relationships have been instituted with other Universities and Research Centers in Italy and abroad. Packlab has an important role in the BIOCOMPLACK project. Packlab will provide the characterization tests needed for the nanocellulose crystals and/or the coated layer and for the final laminated before the scale-up. Packlab also will carry out trials of shelf life studies of target foods and the test to control the food contact compliance of the final product.


Goglio North Europe BV will be the converter of the BIOCOMPLACK food biopackaging. Goglio will manufacture the biobased, biodegradable and compostable packaging, safe for food with long-term preservation thanks to the multilayer structure of PLA film (supplied by Tecnopackaging) and the adhesive of polyurethane with CNCs dispersed on it (supplied by Sapici).

Goglio was founded in Milan in 1850, today Goglio is leader in flexible packaging, rigid plastic accessories such as valves and spouts, and packaging machines. The integration of all these elements is represented by our trademark, Fres-co System.

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